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Still Casting SAG-AFTRA Short Film

Judah 2024

SAG agreement

Shooting dates:

October 14th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th & 22nd (6 Days)

Location: Orange, Fullerton & Riverside

Rates: $150 per day

Reuben (M)

Age: Early 30s

Defining qualities: Peacemaker, empathetic, wise Physical characteristics: Non-specific; not muscular Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Additional Info

• Judah’s right-hand man. Acts as the voice of reason and advisor to him.

• Reuben is the eldest son of Jacob and the engineer of the family’s products. He is

more meek than his brothers and doesn’t take the typical leadership role as the

oldest son (likely due to a lack of confidence and not a lack of ability).

• Very humble for the amount of skill he has

• He is a man of integrity who is in tune with his emotions and is very aware of feelings

of others. Can be honest in a sensitive way.

• He is very intelligent and perhaps doesn’t fit in with the cool or social crowds.

• He tends to believe in others more than himself and is very protective towards those

he cares about.

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Hajer sadk
Hajer sadk
Sep 25, 2023

I sent information with my photos via email


Hajer sadk
Hajer sadk
Sep 25, 2023


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