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Still Casting Disney Film


Disney’s Diversity and Inclusion program.

Casting by Hamzah Saman, CSA | Arab American Casting

Los Angeles, California

Full scale deferred

April 14-15-16


Beirut, Lebanon 2006. As a war rages on outside the walls of their apartment, a family strives to carry on with life as normal. Finding magic in the moment they accept they have to leave their home in search of safety.



15 to 16 year old teen. TAMARA is a very headstrong yet cautious girl, who cares deeply for her family. Wanting to help protect them, she struggles with feeling powerless in the face of the ongoing war. A vivid imagination and a big heart, we see the beauty and magic of this world through her eyes as she comes to accept that her family must leave their home behind.


70 to 85 year old woman. Amira is the matriarch of the family. Having been a refugee in the past, the war doesn’t phase her as much. She takes it upon herself to guide the family through this experience. She finds lightness, humor, honesty and keeping busy with the small things important.


40 to 55 year old man. A mountain of a man, Dahoud’s stature and presence does nothing to help his family. His size cannot save them. So he leans into being supportive, empathetic and gentle with them all.


40 to 55 year old woman. Hala brings warmth and laughter into the world. She leads her children by example and never wants them to see how scared or worried she really is for them all.


8 to 10 year old girl. Alia is slightly too young to understand what is really going on. Not able to fully grasp the severity of the situation she leans into distracting herself with the things she loves, music, dancing, games. Alia senses her family’s worry, but she won’t panic unless she sees the adults scared.


Your headshot and resume to me at

Los Angeles actors only.



Do you have to be Labenese for this part?


Sara Ataie
Sara Ataie
Apr 07, 2023

Submitted via email 🥳 looking forward to it


Lobat Asadi
Lobat Asadi
Apr 05, 2023

I’ve submitted via email & looking forward to finding out more. Thank you!


Zein Khleif
Zein Khleif
Apr 04, 2023

Submitted! Thank you!


Hi, I will submit for hala

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