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SAG-AFTRA Casting Call

casting a short film (SAG/AFTRA Micro Low Budget) called GREY SKIES, seeking Middle Eastern and/or North African talent for each role. Must be CA Based. PAID OPPORTUNITY.


All pertinent info is here and the breakdown is also attached. A casting flyer is attached as well.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AS YOU SEE FIT AND PLEASE EMAIL ME ( with any questions and for any additional information.)

GREY SKIES (SAG/AFTRA Micro Low Budget Agreement)

Shoots: 6/18-6/25 (talent is needed 4 days in this window)

Table Read: 6/8 (likely Virtual)

Location: Bay Area, CA

Day Rate: $200 +10% talent rep fee (if applicable)

Travel & Accommodations provided (seeking CA based talent) if not a Bay Area local

SADAF-Can play 6-8 years old. All Genders. Middle Eastern and/or North African. Delicate and youthful with expressive eyes that reflect inner turmoil and sensitivity. Introspective and quieter than most children their age, Sadaf left the Middle East in early childhood due to conflict.  Their subsequent displacement has caused anxiety, vivid nightmares about their past experiences in the war, and a clinginess to their mother for comfort and security. Sensitive to the moods and emotions of those around them.


**The ability to act without speaking much, using  facial expressions and body language, is crucial.

**A familiarity with a Middle Eastern language, such as Arabic, is a plus not a must.

FATIMA-She is in her early to mid 30s. Middle Eastern and/or North African. A refugee from the Middle East, she has resettled in a new country under challenging circumstances. A widow, having lost her husband to the conflict in the Middle East, her life revolves around her child and helping her child adjust to a new life amidst the lingering trauma of their past.  Creating a stable and safe environment is her number one priority.  Protective, nurturing, warm, maternal,  deeply empathetic and strong. She carries sorrow from her past but remains determined and hopeful for a better future for her child. Soft spoken yet firm when needed, she has a quiet strength that is evident in handling adversity. Some of her lines are in Arabic to maintain authenticity. Must be comfortable wearing a hijab for some scenes.

**A familiarity with a Middle Eastern language, such as Arabic, AND/OR a familiarity with a is a major plus.

Submission due dates are listed on the form

The form for talent to submit to is linked here and can also be found in bio.

Submission form for SADAF: 

Submission form for FATIMA: 

Thanks so much!


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I think that's roles fits me well ,since I speak Arabic and English . And my story sampler to this story

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