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Paid Casting Call

Project name: The Rain Lady 

Runtime: 15 minutes 

Genre: Slice-of-life Drama; Magical-Realism. 

Shoot dates: February 23-25; March 1-3. 

Director: Lyla ***** 

Producer: Salma ******* 

Casting Director: Hamzah Saman, CSA

Details: Paid Project ($125/day), SAG approved, Meals & Credit Provided. 

Logline: Noor, an impoverished and illegal Arab immigrant, and her young daughter Yara, find hope through a folktale about rain on the day Noor gets fired from her job and faces threats of eviction due to her illegal status.​ 

Noor (Lead, 24-30, Arab/Arabic Speaker):An impoverished and illegal Arab mother trying to raise her daughter, Yara, in the states. Up until this point in her life, Noor has been timid and controlled by her family and ex-husband. This film takes place after she leaves her abusive husband who she came to the US with. She is trying to find stability for her and Yara, but ultimately Noor just wishes she could have fun. Noor is an adult who never had a childhood and just wants to play at heart. She has a silly sense of humor, and loves telling stories.

​*Please play Noor with an Arabic accent*

Yara (Lead, 6-7, Arab/Middle Eastern): A silly, brave, and sometimes sneaky girl. She loves playing in nature. She is very observant and is sad watching her mom struggle to pay rent and keep her job. She is not good at being quiet, especially when it comes to sticking up for her mom. When Yara feels sad, ashamed, or guilty, she hides to see if her mom will look for her.  

Moe (Supporting, 30-50, Middle Eastern):Has a good heart, but a tough exterior. His shawarma restaurant is getting audited, so he must fire Noor because of her illegal status despite the pain this causes him. Moe has a soft spot for Noor and her daughter Yara, who is like the kid he's never had. When Moe gets really stressed, he needs to go for a smoke break. 

Email me your submissions if interested or share this casting call to help me please

Send your resume/headshot

Happy holidays brobibies 🧆❤️


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Akram Ali
Akram Ali
04 ม.ค.

انا ممثل مصري وعامل كذا بطوله في مصر اسمي اكرامي هجرس عندي شوريل محترم واتشرف بالعمل معاكم انا لسه واصل من ٣ شهور فبصراحه بحاول مبعدش عن الكاربر ده واخد افضل ممثل صاعد ٢٠٢٣ اخر مسلسل ليا بمصر ارواح خفيه بطوله سميه ومنذر ياحنه وده حاليا متصدر رقم ١ وشكرا 🤝


21 ธ.ค. 2566

Hi Hamzah, where is this job and how can I apply for this one , and what is the process to apply in general for further jobs.


#AAC (Hamzah Saman, CSA)
#AAC (Hamzah Saman, CSA)
21 ธ.ค. 2566

Shooting in Orange, CA

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