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Los Angeles Casting Middle Eastern Teen Girl (Leading Role). $250/DAY

Young Senna ($250/day)


Nonunion are welcome:

14 years old Intuitive. Knows she wants to be a scientist and wants to work in her grandfathers field. She cares for her family. She’s her own individual, doesn’t follow others without good reason. When she visits her grandfather on his deathbed, she’s somber. It pains her to see him paralyzed, but she doesn’t want him to see that pain. So, she tries to uplift his spirits, but has a hard time being in a bright mood. She also knows he can fully understand her even though he can barely communicate.

Los Angeles local hire only.

No Arabic language necessary.

11-18 years old to play a 14 years old

Audition deadline November 18, 2023

Please share, it'll help me a lot.

Hamzah Saman, CSA

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