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Casting voice to sound female, 6-9 years old

Please contact Samantha Steele at Samantha.Steele@nick.comwith any questions and please submit auditions directly to Samanth as well.



Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick on behalf of the Equity in Entertainment Committee

PROJECT: NOGGIN'S BIG HEART KIDS Yasmina: To sound female, 6-9 years old. Can authentically portray Iranian or Iranian-American. Yasmina and her family are Persian and Muslim. Yasmina is the oldest and most musically talented of all the Big Heart Kids, but she can still be a little shy. She has a knack for imagination and performance, and doesn't yet realize her own creative potential. Although friendly and empathetic, Yasmina still has difficulty expressing herself and understanding others. Through time, she will learn to come into her own, on her own terms. Please reference attached rough picture of Yasmina (not to be shared beyond audition purposes) for this audition. More about Noggin’s Big Heart Kids: Big Heart Kids is a Noggin initiative centered around Social Emotional Learning. Brought to you by beloved Nick Jr. characters and a new crew of friends we know as Big Heart Kids, this initiative will deliver a mix of Music Videos, interactive Play Along Videos, Short Form Videos, and Games to teach kids about Awareness of Self, Others, and Relationships. All Ages, All Types, All Ethnicities. We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. Please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, national origin, ethnic origin or any other protected grounds under applicable law. SAG-AFTRA New Media $250 + 10% (if applicable) /half hour session, $500 + 10% (if applicable)/1 hour session We are seeking talent who are able to record via home studio ONLY at this time. Parents/guardians/agents: please include within talent’s slate/audition the exact city and state where the talent resides and will be recording. This project will record 11/8-11/16(excluding weekends). Please make sure all talent has availability throughout these dates. Auditions are due to by 12pm PT/3pm ET, Thursday 11/4.



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Salwa Abdel-whab
Salwa Abdel-whab
Nov 20, 2021

Hi Hamzah, I have a bank of kids voice talents, due to my work as a dubbing director for lots ok kids projects for the middle East, such as Dora the explorer, SpongeBob and alot else, which I did for Nickelodeon.

My question is: is it ok to apply from Egypt?? 🙄🤔


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