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Salim, a refugee in Yemen, seeks medical care for his fiance's sick grandfather in a wartorn region. A Yemeni is an award-winning short dramatic screenplay that will be produced in an advanced directing course at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in the graduate Film & TV production program. Submit headshot, resume and reel to



18 to 40 years old, Middle Eastern, Mixed Ethnicity male. A refugee in Yemen fends for himself and fiancé Fatima. Salim’s former experience with abuse and bullying as a child affects his confidence as an adult. When nearly faced by a group of terrorists, he reverts to his child state of mind, fearful for survival, and makes a grave mistake that costs him the love of his life Fatima.

FATIMA 18 to 40 years old, Middle Eastern, Mixed Ethnicity female. Fatima (25) A bright young Yemeni woman and devout Muslim, hopes to save her gravely ill grandfather. She is trustworthy and hopes for a better life. She puts her loved ones basic needs ahead of herself. HAMID 60 to 100 years old, Middle Eastern, Mixed Ethnicity male. Hamid (75) Hamid only has his granddaughter Fatima left to care for him. He suffers from dementia and is mostly mute. He’s near death with a bad case of cholera. He tries to protect Fatima, but isn’t physically strong enough.

subject line Hamzah CSA USC MFA Film and TV Production Candidate 2021

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