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Casting Saudi Arabian Actress

Dr. Mashaal Al Hamad :

Female, early 40s, Saudi Arabian, Riyadh native.

Hospital Director, strong character, ambitious, strong will. Always fighting for equality in the workplace.

Dr. Loulwa Ibrahim Sleiman :

Female, late 20s, Saudia Arabian, North KSA native, active, fit.

Youngest Dr. in the hospital, proponent of holistic medicine. Sincere, kind hearted, to the point of coming across as gullible. Indecisive.

Hanan Kazem :

Female, early 40s, Saudi Arabian, wordly, elegant, lawyer.

Contact AD Maha /Subject line (Saudi aac)

Hamzah Saman, CSA #CastingSocietyofAmerica

#CSAmember #HamzahSaman

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