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Casting SAG-AFTRA Film $300-$200 Daily Rate


Logline: A recent Middle Eastern immigrant grapples with the daunting obstacles ahead, as he confronts the heartbreaking possibility of never practicing medicine again amidst crippling financial struggles.

We aim to start shooting on the weekend beginning Nov 10,2023

-The amount of shooting days is yet to be confirmed.

The film will be available for SAG eligible actors.

Daily rate: $200 supporting roles

($300 leading role)

Samir (30-40)

— Samir is a devoted father and husband who, after relocating to the United States from the Middle East, finds himself in the early stages of navigating the complex process of obtaining his medical license in a foreign country, all while striving to provide for his family through various menial jobs. Driven by his deep commitment to securing his family's future, he understands that hard work will be the key to achieving financial stability and, ultimately, happiness, and he places immense pressure on himself to offer his son the opportunities he never had growing up.

Noora (25-35)

— Noora is a compassionate and independent wife. She made the decision to move her family to the United States because she believed it would provide better opportunities for her son and husband. She is acutely aware of the pressure that Samir is putting on himself, striving for success in this new place while also needing to be pragmatic about the bills that must be paid to maintain a stable home for their family. Noora understands that in this new environment, she may need to step outside the traditional role of a homemaker and contribute to the family's finances, despite her husband's wishes.

Khalil (6-10)

— Khalil is a reserved boy who recently moved to a country with a different native language. At home, he speaks Arabic and is still working on improving his English. He respects his parents for the sacrifices they've made to give him more opportunities in this new country.

Samir’s Work Friend (name tbc) (30-45)

— Samir’s close friend, he is Samir’s connection to his Middle Eastern peers. Samir’s friend works with him during his day job, and invites him out to play football with the other guys. He is an example that you can have a good, easy life in the US without responsibilities. He is fun to be around, and easy to get along with. 

Family friend and Samir’s Boss  (50-60)

— Samir’s boss is a family friend of Samir’s that is established in Los Angeles. He owns a laundromat as his side gig, and gives Samir a cash in hand job to empty out the coins of the washing machines and do the accounting. He is also a doctor, and guides Samir through the process of getting his medical license in LA. He warns Samir of the long, challenging road ahead.

If you fit the description and living in Los Angeles, please send me your resume and headshot to

Subject line (STRAYS)

If you know anybody that fit this description, please share it.

Thank you very much for the bottom of my heart Hamzah Saman, CSA

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