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Casting Middle Eastern or Armenian Young Actors

I am having difficulty casting for a short I am doing here that needs a Middle Eastern or Armenian 18-20 year old male that can play 15-16 or I need a 15-16 year old who is legal 18.

Here is the breakdown feel free to send it out to anyone or put it on your social media, if you have any suggestions let me know:

MOTEL ROOM ShortSAG-AFTRA Micro-Budget Agreement Producer: Tammy KaitzDirector: Bradford LipsonWriter: Sahag GureghianCasting Director: Kara Sullivan, CSAStart Date: October 10th- 12thRate of Pay: $125/day plus Copy, Credit, MealsLocation: Los Angeles, CA, USTO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE ROLE PLEASE EMAIL HEADSHOT AND RESUME TO KARASULLIVANCASTING@GMAIL.COMSYNOPSISMotel Room is a beautifully written script, based on a true event that explores an  Armenian teenage boy's sexuality and him coming to terms with being gay. Our main  character Sebastian, is a fifteen years old Armenian boy growing up in Los Angeles in the 90’s, at a time when the AIDS epidemic was blowing up, and in a culture that does not tolerate homosexuality. He is taken to a local  prostitute that his father takes him to on his fifteenth birthday in order to lose his virginity. This story is about bringing tenderness and empathy to both of these characters, and shed light on the utter helplessness and difficulties many young LGBTQ people struggle with in coming to  terms with their sexuality, even in today's much more accepting society (although in many  parts of the country going backwards). It will humanize this loving woman who’s profession is prostitution, yet we have no idea what circumstances in her life led her to where she is today.

Subline: AAC


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Youceff Kabal
Youceff Kabal
Sep 18, 2022

just sent in my submission!

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