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Casting man and a young actress

We are doing a job right now (an very famous singer)music video) and one of the main characters is a Muslim man and his two daughters, but the director would like it to be an Arab family.  Here is a character description:

Arab, Persian or South Asian 40’s male

A man who has recently immigrated with his family to the US.

He is Muslim in faith, highly educated and had a different career in his home country.

He is a positive and effusive person who does not really want to be driving for a living

but sees it as a transitional period for himself and his family.

We see him interact with Uber customers with a range of reactions.

At the end of his shift he picks up his two daughters and their friend to drive them to a school dance.

He is excited for his daughters future and wants them to enjoy their new


Pay is $350 each for dad and daughters.  1 day of filming on December 20th.

We need to interview you if you fit the description in west Hollywood, California

Hamzah Saman




Unknown member
Jun 10, 2020

I’m interested. I live in the Bay Area and I can drive/fly to LA


Hisham Ashour
Hisham Ashour
Feb 14, 2020

Hello i am intrested 👍


Ahmed Shalaby
Ahmed Shalaby
Feb 13, 2020

Hello m, I’m very interested in doing this role just how old is the dad

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