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Casting Egyptian Actors

Pen, Paper & Eraser is a short comedy film (roughly 15 minutes) written in Egyptian Arabic. Please do not apply unless you are from Egypt, speak and read fluent Egyptian without an accent for most of the dialog. Some of the dialog switches over to Classical Arabic in two scenes (for historical/comedic purposes about the art of writing)

Logline: A woman suffering from writer’s block has the ultimate nightmare: she’s a clerk in a book store where strange customers pose as a pen, paper and eraser.


Filming mid summer in LA or Boston depending on the majority of the cast’s residence. Flight/hotel for duration of the shoot covered if filming outside of LA. 

Low pay: $125/day. Union or Non-Union. Zoom auditions by selection in the next two weeks. Please email headshot, bio or resume, demo reel is a must. Please indicate your availability this summer especially in July/early August. Please indicate dates you are not available as well. Email ASAP: 

1 - 3 production days depending on role. We are looking to cast the following roles:

Female, main role. Late 20’s late 30’s. Egyptian, a writer with hidden talent that has gone rusty. Hot tempered, cunning and serious. 

Female, supporting role, Late 20’s late 30’s. Egyptian. Westernized, uses some American words/idioms in her vocabulary, dreamy, elegant, beautiful. 

Male, 30’s, typical Egyptian looking. Could be as tough as a drill sergeant but as fluid like a ballerina. 

Female, 60’s-70’s, the bookstore owner’s wife, who took the day off to have a “special” day with her husband but ends up in a state of disappointment as the latter injures himself badly in a bedroom comedy scene.  (no nudity or language)  

Male, 60’s-80’s, the bookstore owner, a wonderful guy who is aching to be intimate with his wife but ends up injuring himself just by thinking about it in a bedroom comedy scene.  (no nudity or language)

Internationally awarded production company: RA Vision Productions (

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Ahmed O.Bahgat
Ahmed O.Bahgat
Nov 18, 2023

I think this casting require Egyptian lives in LA /Boston or at least already resident and recently lives in USA


Sep 25, 2023


Can i give some information about myself

Name Ahmed Abdelwahed Saad

D of B 01/08/1961

Nationality Egyptian & Swiss

Language Arabic,French,English & little German

I did lot of series as well lot commercial for companies as banks telecom Cadbury chocolat etc... as well films

Mobile number

+2010 33033 222

+2012 88444 460


the male bookstore owner could be 13 years younger and make up him?


Stéphanie Fahmy
Stéphanie Fahmy
Jun 13, 2023

Can I apply if I leave in France but both my parents are Egyptian and I speak/read/write Egyptian??

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