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Casting Call

Oscar winner is leading the film

Casting for short film UNCLE HADY

Synopsis: Uncle Hady is a hakawati, beloved by his mentee Yusef. When peaceful protests erupt in Syria, an intelligence officer is determined to arrest Yusef. To save him, Uncle Hady must share the one story he’s vowed never to tell.

Genre: Drama / Magical Realism

Shoot Dates: ~ February 2022, three days (exact dates to be determined)


Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA

Compensation: $125/day and imdb.comcredit

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed. Talent will be required to have evidence of a negative test result prior to filming.

Auditions to be scheduled via Skype or Zoom.

All dialogue is in English.


YUSEF – (Supporting) Male 18-25, Syrian, optimistic and energetic with a zest for life

COLONEL ALAWI – (Supporting) Male 45-55, Syrian. Charming, but beneath the surface is a dangerous intensity.

SARAH – (Supporting) Female 70’s or older, Syrian, witty, playfully childlike, and sarcastic

Please send headshot, and resume or bio to


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Barbara Saba
Barbara Saba
Aug 02, 2021

Can I audition for Sarah, even if I'm younger?

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