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Nancy Nayor Casting, based in Los Angeles, is excited to announce that we’re currently conducting an international search for two leading roles for the feature film, ALEPPO, directed by David Schurmann (LITTLE SECRET- Brazil’s 2017 Oscar-select) and starring Olivia Munn (OCEAN’S 8, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE)

The film is scheduled to start shooting in February 2021 in Jordan.

LOGLINE: When they find themselves caught in the middle of the Battle of Aleppo, Yaz and his brother, Anas, are forced to leave everything they’ve known and loved behind as they try to make it to a safe place, and come to grips with their new reality. Their father, a surgeon at a local hospital, has to trade his own life for his sons and entrusts his dear friend and photo-journalist, Jasmine (OLIVIA MUNN), to lead his surviving sons to safety, even at the risk of never seeing them again.

Click here for the press release: DEADLINE ARTICLE - ALEPPO - 9.23.20

The script is confidential at this time, but will be shared as we narrow down our contenders for final callbacks. In the meantime, all instructions and information on how to make the audition tape and where to access the audition material is included in the casting flyer attached.


  • Middle Eastern (preferably from Syria) boys aged 11 – 13 years and 14 – 16 years who are fluent in Arabic but also have a strong command of English

  • *No prior acting experience required*


[YAZ] 12 years old. Male. Middle Eastern, Syrian descent. Looking for someone VERY facially expressive, someone who can let us know what they’re thinking by looking at us. Kind, considerate, confident, full of life, Yaz is a young Syrian boy. When the civil war hits close to home, Yaz and his surviving family are forced to go on the run to escape the horrors in Aleppo. We encourage talent of Syrian descent to apply. LEAD. MUST SPEAK FLUENT ARABIC. MUST ALSO HAVE A STRONG COMMAND OF ENGLISH.

[ANAS] 15 years old. Male. Middle Eastern, Syrian descent. The older brother to Yaz, Anas identifies as homosexual and isn’t sure he believes in Islam’s way of thinking. Although he is an outsider to his family, he still loves them very much, and would do anything for them, especially his little brother. We encourage talent of Syrian descent to apply. LEAD. MUST SPEAK FLUENT ARABIC. MUST ALSO HAVE A STRONG COMMAND OF ENGLISH.

The attached flyer has all the information for you to share with anyone you think might be interested. We are moving very quickly and hope to receive auditions as soon as possible! Are you able to distribute this casting flyer to anyone in your database, network and in your region who you feel could be right for the project? We are asking all young actors (including those with prior acting experience or with no experience at all) who fit the descriptions above to send a self-taped audition to us. 

Everything parents/guardians and their kids need to know about making a self-tape and submitting it to us is included in the attached document! If anyone has any additional questions, they can email us at:

*Please note that this film production will follow state-of-the-art Covid-19 safety guidelines to ensure the protection of the cast and crew during all phases of production.*

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing your amazing talent!

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