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AFI Films Casting

Project Title: Goodnight, My Love

About the film: An anxiety-ridden insomniac spends a sleepless night with her callous boyfriend at a terrifying bed & breakfast with an otherworldly entity hiding in its walls. As their relationship deteriorated, the power of the entity becomes more malevolent.

Shoot Date: January 21-23, 2023

Rate of Pay: Copy, credit, meals

Location: Hollywood area.

[SHIRIN] 20 to 25 years old. Stuck in a failing relationship with an older man who doesn’t take her anxiety seriously, Shirin is giving it one last chance with a weekend vacation away to see if they can rekindle their love. Shirin is playful, generous and thoughtful — to her detriment. Shirin has always been afraid of being alone. Her anxiety can get in the way of her decision making. She can be extremely hard on herself, especially through this particularly rough patch with Noah. LEAD

Thank you so much for your help with this,

Submit only if you if the descriptions and live in Los Angeles area.

Subject line: AAC

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