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Commercial casting call

Nasal Spray brand 

RATES ARE IN GBP & NOTE THE DIFFERENT BUYOUTS PENDING TERRITORIES Saudi Arabia: Territory: Middle East (incl. Saudi Arabia + UAE) Usage: 1 year from first air date with option renew for subsequent years (from 90 to 120 days from the first shoot day) Usage covers: - ALL MEDIA including Broadcast, Internet (which is worldwide), New media, Electronic media, and Industrial (Worldwide), and stills lifted from footage for all media usage. - all lifts, versions, edits, videos derived from footage, including behind the scenes footage and stills from footage on Internet and POS/POP. - usage for stills: 1 still - online + in store usage (not OOH like billboards, just in store stuff) (mother) - Exclusivity = nasal spray - Talent buyout agreed to be pre-negotiated for 2nd & 3rd year options at a 10% rate. Adults:​ 5000 Kids:​ 2500 Additional stills usage Stills to be used as print and OOH: USAGE TBC Adult - 3000 Kids - 1800 ARABIC SPEAKERS THE SCRIPTS ARE NOT TO LONG ONLY A FEW LINES. THIS IS FOR THE MIDDLE EAST SO THEY MUST BE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST AND BE OF MIDDLE EASTERN HERITAGE​. W​ e can look at talent from all close-countries to Saudi Arabia, maybe talent could learn the lines in the dialect required. Our story sees a young daughter trying to convince her parents to take her out, but they are suffering with nasal / allergy issues. WE WANT TO SEE ACTORS & NON ACTORS FOR THIS ROLES . WE KNOW THE TALENT POOL IS LIMITED PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE SUITABLE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARABIC Mother: MUST SPEAK ARABIC Playing age 30-45 Good personality with a natural warmth as a parent that should show through. We need our actors to be able to show believable symptoms. Daughter: ARABIC SPEAKING PLAYING AGE 6-10 yrs With the child it’s not a lot a script I am sure if the parent speaks arabic they could help them / we could consider a VO for the child but be better if they could manage a few words She has a natural sweetness to her, she has personality likes to have fun and is not shy. ARABIC Father: HUGE BONUS IF SPEAKS ARABIC, THEY MAY HAVE ONE LINE, but not yet confirmed. Could possibly use a VO. ​BUYOUTS TBC FOR DAD, THEY WILL BE LESS AS HIS A SECONDARY ROLE (FEATURED EXTRA). Playing age 30-45 Good personality with a natural warmth as a parent that should show through. PLEASE BE SURE TO ASK ALL ADULT ACTORS IF THEY HAVE A DAUGHTER, NIECES, FRIENDS ETC WHO COULD WORK WITH THEM FOR THIS, ALSO ANY KIDS WHO’S REAL PARENTS THAT ARE SUITABLE & WOULD BE UP FOR CASTING IS ALSO FANTASTIC. GLOBAL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME THIS IS A QUICK TURN AROUND ON THIS JOB AND WE WILL BE WORKING ON THIS PROJECT OVER THE WEEKEND. SUGGESTIONS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL BE CONSIDERED. FIRST STAGE IS TO EMAIL PHOTO & INFO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions ASAP ​​ and ​​ and l​ PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS BY MONDAY 14TH MAY 2018 at 2pm Subject: ARABIC PLEASE INCLUDE OUT OF OFFICE NUMBERS SO YOU ARE CONTACTABLE OVER THE WEEKEND. Many Thanks Mark summers casting Follow us on Twitter @marksummerscast Please Note: All casting requirements are based on what our client has requested and not the view or wishes of Mark Summers Casting or any of its agents or partners. This brief is not to be copied/ removed or posted on to any other site without written authorization from Mark Summers Ltd or it will be considered a​ ​breach of copyright