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SAG-AFTRA Casting call

Project: AMAL Arab American Casting  Union Status: union/nonunion  Rate of Pay / Contract: GUARANTEED $125 PER DAY. IMDB Credit, Copy & Meals. SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY To: 

Subject line “Amal” SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Submission Deadline: NOVEMBER 6, 2017 SUBMISSIONS DUE NOVEMBER 6, 2017 6PM SIDES AVAILABLE ON SHOWFAX BY NOVEMBER 2, 2017 Producers: Robert Ahn, David Arabyan, Caira O’Donnell and Kassandra Aguilar Director: Dilek Ince Writer: Dilek Ince Casting Director: Tamara M. Sibley Casting Assistants- Alessandra Battaglia, Elaine Bell, Jessica Cruz, Bill Bergman Start Date(s): Late November 2017 Audition Date(s): Early November 2017 Callback Date(s): Mid November 2017 Shoot Location: LA, Northridge, Oxnard, Santa Clarita, CA USA SPECIAL NOTE: Director is seeking an older Arabic female youth actor who can can believably play an 8 year old. Ability to speak Arabic A PLUS! Additional Project Info: Senior Film Project 35mm Digital Format - ARRI ALEXA STORYLINE: Amal, a little Syrian girl loses her father in a hospital explosion during the conflict in Syria. Mary, an American doctor takes Amal under her wing as they both struggle to return to America. [AMAL] 7-8, Female, Arabic, Pretty, Dark Hair, Thin, Small, Sensitive, Kind, Smart, Shy, Sad, Introverted. She Speaks Arabic and English.[LEAD] [OMAR] 30-40, Male, Arabic, Dark Hair, Nice Looking, Average Build, Hard Working, Warm, Trusting, Nurturing Parent, Concerned. He is Amal's Father. Speaks Fluent Arabic and English. [SUPPORTING] Union and nonunion ara welcome to submit.  NOTE: A Certified Studio Teacher will be on set at all time during the shoot.

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