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$186/Day Arab Casting

Two Sisters


On the day before Eid, a rock-climbing-obsessed Arab teen struggles through literal and emotional ascents after her estranged sister suddenly returns home for the first time in years.


Lead, Female, 18-21, Arab

A young teen obsessed with rock climbing. She is quiet and soft-spoken, yet also resilient and determined. Has difficulty speaking her emotions, preferring to release anxiety and frustration through climbing. She finds her life disrupted after the sudden arrival of her estranged older sister, Farah. Must speak Arabic fluently. Must be willing to learn about and participate in indoor rock climbing.

Shooting in February/2024

3 days shoot, $186 a day

Shooting in Los Angeles

Please share.

Please submit your resume and headshot to

I do not submit you unless you email me.


Arab American Casting

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