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$150/Day Casting English Speaking Actors (Stage Read)


Paid Job $150/day

Note: Script will be read in English, with actors’ natural accents.

Dubbed the Palestinian GET OUT, is a psychological horror about a young Palestinian man who must save his family when a ghouleh (female demon) from his Teta's folktales appears in his Jerusalem town, and threatens his family's home. The lurking theme of the film is that life under an occupation is just as sinister as the shapeshifting ghouleh (female demon) that haunts Kareem and his family.

The live reading event will be at Blank Spaces in Santa Monica on Friday Nov. 3rd @ 6pm. It is a private event with an audience of about 30-50 ppl, mostly financiers and producers who are attending AFM. 

I am casting to fill some actor roles for the reading. This would only be for the live reading, and not an audition for the feature film yet.

Though my budget is modest, I can offer a stipend of $150 for the live reading event.

Cast Breakdown:

● Elias -- M, 20s - 30s: (Arab) Palestinian-Christian best friend of Kareem. He's mischievous, charismatic, and would do anything for his friend, even if that means spending time chasing ghosts he doesn't believe in from their Palestinian folktales. He instead rants about conspiracy theories that the occupation military is testing a weapon that erases any memory of you. As the film progresses, it turns out his theory is not a theory at all, but a sinister reality he has to face. Attached is the script.

● Teta -- F, 50s - 80s: (Arab) Teta is the matriarch of her Palestinian family, who’s frail and weakened by the years of torment from the occupation. According to her folktales, a terrifying ghouleh that she mistakenly befriended when she was a child shows up as a bad omen when disaster is about to strike. The same ghouleh who she blames for her childhood home being taken away, causing Teta to be a refugee in her own land.

● Musa -- M, 30s - 50s: (Arab) A prominent doctor in the Israel hospital of Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. He is practical, gentle, and his main mode of navigating through his precarious world as a Palestinian in Jerusalem, is assimilation. He believes this will protect his family from the horrors that befell other Palestinians. However his world is turned upside down when the government serves him a court order to demolish his home, and refuge his family out of Jerusalem.

● Mariam -- F, 30s - 50s: (Arab) A realist who sees things as they are, unlike her husband who she thinks wears rose colored glasses. She teaches kindergarten at the local school where she occasionally brings her son, Kareem, even though the staff think he is a menace to the children, filling their head with ghost stories. She will defend her family to the end in front of anyone who criticizes them, but will push them to do better behind closed doors. Sometimes too hard.

Los Angeles local hire only.

Please email me with the character name you want to to read for. No audition. Director with pick you base on your availability.

please share this casting opportunities


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Membro sconosciuto
20 ott 2023

I’d love to try to be Mariam. I live in Michigan. I’m grateful to see these opportunities.

Mi piace

19 ott 2023

I have a Lebanese dialect otherwise I would have tried for a role :)

Mi piace

Mohammed Metwally
Mohammed Metwally
19 ott 2023