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(Möbius Loop) Casting SAG-AFTRA Short Film $200Day

Project Name: Möbius Loop

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Contract: SAG-AFTRA Micro Budget Contract

Rate of Pay: $250/Day or $200/day

Location: Los Angeles Area

Dates: 11/30/23-12/2/23

Language: English

Project Information

This is a grounded science fiction story to be expressed in tone, mood, and visual qualities of Arrival, Ad Astra, Ex Machina. Yet, in much smaller intimate settings. We’re talking colors,

image composition, dramatic tone. With touches of humor, and moments of joy and sadness. A section of the story is meant to resemble and pay homage to Vivian Kubrick’s documentary of the making of The Shining. In doing this we’ll incorporate a 16mm film format into this section.

Note: Names in the script are spelled phonetically for English pronunciations. Proper Arabic pronunciations will be used during production

Storyline: Science fiction drama about a woman, Senna, and her husband, Sam, racing to save their institute by solving the missing link in a method of time-travel which sends a persons consciousness into the past and future. By peering through generations into her family’s past she discovers the key, but suffers an irreconcilable consequence. In large part, this is also her grandfather, Jurius’ story. About the day he was making a film about his time travel findings, and the day of his passing. These two key events, have everything to do with Senna’s journey.

Character Descriptions

Senna Hesham ($250/day): 39 Palestinian-American. Born in California. Headstrong,

intellectual, she is gentle and kind hearted, doesn’t follow the mainstream, always tries to think about what others are missing or overlooking. Senna has a rebellious streak in her. She is also a scientist through and through. Always curious, always questioning. She’s serious when she needs to be but also knows how to let loose and have fun. She can be impatient.

Young Senna ($200/day): 14 Intuitive. Knows she wants to be a scientist and wants to work in her grandfathers field. She cares for her family. She’s her own individual, doesn’t follow others without good reason. When she visits her grandfather on his deathbed, she’s somber. It pains her to see him paralyzed, but she doesn’t want him to see that pain. So, she tries to uplift his

spirits, but has a hard time being in a bright mood. She also knows he can fully understand her even though he can barely communicate.

Sam ($250/day): 42 American of any descent. Senna’s Husband. He’s a smart, fun, and loving. He is a good scientist but not as focused as Senna. Which can sometimes come at a fault. He’s serious when he needs to be. He’s always there for Senna. He’s the center of her life, as she is his. Sam believes himself to be a realist, but is always hopeful. If Senna has an idea he will back her up completely.

Jurius Hesham ($250/day): 70, 50 Palestinian Born in Palestine in 1928. Head of the Hesham Institute. He’s extremely bright. He values honesty and curiosity. He can often get lost in his own thoughts and stop paying attention to others around him. He can get frustrated with a layman who tries to speak as though they’re have the same knowledge. He can get giddy with joy when he’s excited by a scientific idea. He finds enjoyment in the creativity of science. His focus is in the mind and consciousness. He’s also extremely proficient in bio-chemistry. He’s not a fan of computers and digital technology. In 1998, he suffers what is diagnosed as a stroke. He lies unable to speak.

Halousa ($200/day): 42 Senna’s mother. Born in Israel in 1956. She loves technology, and computer science. She’s extremely proficient with electronics. She isn’t interested in her father’s profession. She doesn’t believe in his program. She silently doesn’t believe her father is being honest about his findings and doesn’t think his findings are real. She loves her dad and has an extremely close relationship with him. She loves his vibrancy and zest for life. She’s extremely saddened by her fathers condition, as he lies on his deathbed. She seems stronger on the outside than how she feels inside. Not fully understanding the attributes of a stroke, she doesn’t quite understand that her father can hear and understand what’s being said in the room he’s in.

Young Halousa (played by older Halousa): 20 years old. Young Halousa is filming behind the scenes footage of her father’s institute. This section of the story is told from her first person point of view from the camera she uses.

if you fit this descriptions,

please email me your resume and headshot at

Los Angeles local hires

Hamzah Saman, CSA



Nov 04, 2023

Hi I just submitted my headshot for the role of Halousa, thanks Leora

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