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Casting Wissam Charaf’s next feature film

For Wissam Charaf’s next feature film,

« Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous », produced by

Aurora Films, we are looking for the following leading roles :

- Mehdia (20/26years old), Ethiopian woman.

Mehdia is graceful, wild, luminous, melancholic.

- Ahmed (20/28years old), Lebanese or Syrian man, must speaks fluently Lebanese

or syrian arabic. Ahmed is elegant, passionnate, nostalgic, sensible, smart, brave.

- Ibrahim (65/80years old), Lebanese man, speaking fluently lebanese arabic.

Ibrahim is original, funny, endearing.

- Leila (65/80years old), Lebanese woman, speaking fluently lebanese arabic. Leila

is charismatic, she has this natural authority.

Storyline :

In Lebanon, two defeated angels, two outsiders are trying to live an impossible love story. Ahmed, syrian refugee and Mehdia, domestic worker. A tale in which poetry and social reality mingle.

The shooting will take place in May2021 in Corsica and Lebanon. We are looking for

actors based in Europe and Lebanon only.

You can send your informations or resume + pictures to

Please specify your level of language, your origins, name, height, and contact.

Put in subject line (Hamzah) or (AAC

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