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Casting Mothers and Daughters

We are casting for Mothers and Daughters of Middle Eastern heritage to appear in a client's materials. Please see below for the countries of heritage clients are looking for:

  • Persian (Iranian)

  • Lebanese 

  • Syrian

  • UAE

  • Kuwait

  • Egypt

  • Iraq

  • Jordon 

  • Qatar

  • Saudi

  • Israeli 

It's quick and easy to submit and it's a fun group of people to work with! Of course it is also paid, see details below.

Please feel free to share this with your network and with anyone you think may be interested. Professional experience preferred, but not necessary.

Thank you so much for your time!


The idea of this shoot is to show a Mother & Daughter who look very similar juxtaposed to show the difference in their faces due to the natural aging process.

The client is Botox, but Talent booked for the shoot will NOT receive any Botox treatment of any kind.


RATE: $4,000 - (Broken down as - Shoot Rate: $2,000, Usage Rate: $2,000)

Must be able to identify as mother and daughter, i.e. people should tell you how much you look alike all the time.

  • We're looking for real mothers and daughters of Middle Eastern heritage to submit simple photos in order to be considered.

  • Women should look alike 

  • Mothers: 50-60 years old; Daughters 25-35 years old--MUST BE ACTUAL MOTHERS/DAUGHTERS

  • Everyday women, attractive but ' real' 

  • No past facial surgeries 

  • No past injectable usage 

  • Must look alike 

  • Similar facial features

  • Talent must be available for the shoot in Los Angeles - The week of June 15th (Strong dates June 16th & 17th).


  • info@ArabActors.comia

  • Please reference ‘Botox Mothers & Daughters’ in the subject and include the following:

  • Names of both Mother & Daughter and city in which you both live

  • Contact Information (your phone & email)

  • 2 photos (jpegs preferred) of mother and daughter together (no sunglasses, etc. as we need to see faces) 

  • 1 photo of just your face, directly facing the camera, completely neutral - no expression, no makeup (1 of mother and 1 of daughter)

  • Can be taken from phone--professional photos not necessary.

  • country of heritage i.e. you or your parents/grandparents are from Iran, Israel, Egypt, etc.