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Casting Notice

Arab American Casting, We are looking to cast some Middle-Eastern actors for our teen comedy short film. This is an independent project about first generation teens growing up in L.A., and sneaking out to their first high school party. It’s a coming of age film that also explores growing up in the U.S. with immigrant parents. .


. This is a non-union gig. It will be shot as a trailer. This will be used as a pitch reel of sorts to campaign for a full-length movie. We already have some big companies interested. .


Shoot date is 3/23 in Los Angeles. Actors may send a headshot, resume, and reel to .

. JACOUB - 50s, Lebanese. MUST SPEAK ARABIC. Mariam’s tall and intimidating fit-for-fifty father. He and his wife immigrated to the U.S. before having his daughter. He is very strict and protective of her, and can sometimes lose his temper. But he does it all out of love for his little girl, who means more to him than anything in the world. He’s been through a lot and does not trust people easily. He would do anything for his family and just wants to keep them safe and happy. PAY RATE: $75/day (1 day needed) .

. HILDA - Late 40s, Lebanese. MUST SPEAK ARABIC. Mariam’s mother. Has a tough side and can be strict with her daughter, but also has a very soft side and feels sympathetic towards Mariam’s frustration. She often has to keep the peace in the family. She tries to sway Jacoub to let Mariam go out with her friends, but also explains to Mariam where her father is coming from. She’s the type that can be loving and sweet and make you feel better, (and make you your favorite dessert!), or she can flip the switch and be very scary if you push it too much. Overall, she loves her daughter and wants her to be happy. PAY RATE: $50/day (1 day needed) Thanks! Best,  hamzah