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JENNIFER AJEMIAN CASTING CASTING CALL for Latin, African American & Middle Eastern actresses for WHILE WE’RE HERE Project Info Title: WHILE WE’RE HERE (USC Senior Thesis) Project type: Student film Union status: SAG-AFTRA Contract/Talent pay rate: SAG-AFTRA / USC Student Film Agreement: Copy, credit, meals, and travel reimbursed. Usage/Run: Festivals The Team Writer: Zoe Cheng Director: Maria Alvarez Cinematographer: Logan Fields Producers: Liam Campbell & Fiona Kida Prod Co: USC School of Cinematic Arts Timeline Submission deadline: Sunday 7/29 Auditions: Self tapes via Eco Cast Director sessions: Early August 2018 Session location: Los Angeles, CA Production period: Shoots over four weekends (9/15 & 9/16, 9/22 & 9/23, 9/29 & 9/30, and 10/6 & 10/7) Shoot location: Los Angeles, CA Submission notes - DO NOT contact production. Everything must go through casting. - Please submit for ONE of the roles (not both) - Talent must be based in Los Angeles - Please include your film/tv reel in your submission Project notes - Logline: On the darkest night of her life, an anxious college graduate crosses paths with a carefree woman who ends up guiding her on a spontaneous whirlwind journey toward hope. - FIlm’s tone: Virgin Suicides, Short Term 12, and Lost in Translation. JENNIFER AJEMIAN CASTING - About director: Maria Alvarez is a Cuban director studying film at USC. Her focus is female centric coming of age stories that celebrate diversity and young women discovering their identities. Her work has screened and won awards internationally in Sundance sponsored fellowships, the Cannes Court Métrage, and the National YoungArts Foundation. Seeking [MAXINE]. Female. Early 20s. Hispanic, African American, or Middle Eastern. A serious and reserved college graduate who has lived her life between the lines. She delights in having control over herself and her world. She’s become numb to her depression and thoughts as they are part of her everyday life. While she has supportive friends, she shuts them out emotionally. When her mother is admitted to a psychiatric facility, Maxine’s depression & anxiety are now overwhelming and she decides to end her own life. On the night of her planned suicide, Maxine meets Stella- a bold and influential woman who makes her reconsider her views on love, loss, and hope. Talent must be comfortable with smoking a fake joint. This role shares an innocent kiss with Stella. LEAD. Shoots 8 days. [STELLA]. Female. Early 20s. Hispanic, African American, or Middle Eastern. A bold and confident young woman, Stella experiences life viscerally and fully without regard for rules or anyone’s assumptions. She functions as a product of Maxine’s mind, but also as who Maxine secretly dreams she could be: someone who can not only be okay with the world, but also rise to grab it by the horns. Fearing nothing, Stella provides the greatest reckoning for Maxine when she realizes that Stella was part of herself all along. Talent must be comfortable with smoking a fake joint. This role shares an innocent kiss with Maxine. CO-LEAD. Shoots approx 6 days. Submission instructions Please submit on Actors Access. If you DON'T have an Actor's Access account, please email us your headshot, resume, and film/tv reel to: 

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