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After hearing from his son that his teenage daughter Nour may have a boyfriend, Tamir struggles between his desire to protect his daughter, and his duty to his family's honor. Breakdown: Tamir: (40s) Nour’s father. Grew up in a lower-middle class family. He went to highschool, but not college, due to financial limitations and his own decision to let go of college. He is conservative, traditional, but does not lack compassion. A good father who does his part for the family. He left the Middle East to make a new, and better living for his children in America. __ Nour: (16-20) A teenage girl looking for her own place in the world. She was about 9-13 years old when she moved to America with her family. Her most definitive years of growing up have been in the US, so it has had an influence on her. __ Nada: (40s) Nour’s mother. She treated having children as a typical life step, not a choice. She represents the silence of society in dire situations. She is not completely cold, but she takes her duty as a wife seriously. __ Najwan: (9) Nour’s little sister. She was 2 when her family moved to America. America is all she has known. She has a pure heart, and she looks up to her sister. __ Islam: (15) Nour’s brother. He is raised outside the lines of society and understands the roles everyone has to play. He goes to the same high school as Nour. Being a boy, he gets the better end of the deal – the honor doesn’t rest on his shoulder. __ Muhsin: 17-18 year old Nour’s boyfriend, voice only. Will be required for one half day of pictures with Nour. He genuinely loves nour for who she is. __ Abu Mazhar: (53-60) An Arab American who used to be really respected in the community. Preferably big build. His daughter got raped by multiple men after rumors went around about her. The community feels a little strange around him – he now attracts pity and discomfort from the people around him. Islam’s Cousins/friends: (15-17) Two to three __ Bianca: Young american girl. One line at the store, some improv off-screen/in the background. __ Cashier: male, non-arab, (22-30): background lines, and some lines to our lead Tamir. __ Men at table (3): middle-aged men, playing cards and smoking shisha. One of them will be a café owner. People at store: (6-8) if possible. Children, parents, lovers, teenagers... Submit now Subject line AFI

#ArabAmericanCasting Hamzah Saman 

Shooting in Los Angeles on November 6th, 7th, and 8th

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