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Casting Hulu tv pilot Ramy Youssef's show

(RAMY YOUSSEF) Start date: December 4, 2017 Location: NYC anyone fit the description from anywhere can submit.

Arab American Casting


Male, 65 years old. First generation Egyptian-American. He has been married to Dahlia for a very long time, and is the father of Ramy and Reem. Utterly devoted to his ancient mother, who is nearing the close of her life, he is visibly emotional as he rubs her feet and hands with olive oil, to soothe her passage into the next world. He's considerably less engaged with the rest of his family, however; he reads an Egyptian newspaper over a family breakfast, and lets his wife Dahlia do most of the talking...SERIES REGULAR. MUST BE FLUENT EGYPTIAN ARABIC SPEAKER.


Female, late 50s-60s. First generation Egyptian-American. Ramy's mother, she plays an intense game of Candy Crush on her phone during a family breakfast. But when she learns that her drifting son Ramy wants to date a Muslim girl, she snaps instantly to attention, determined to facilitate an Imam-approved romance with all of her considerable will...SERIES REGULAR. MUST BE FLUENT EGYPTIAN ARABIC SPEAKER.


Female, 18-early 20s. Ramy's younger sister, she watches "The Handmaid's Tale” rather than interact with her family. Grew up in New Jersey. Reem enjoys being a bachelorette, knowing that all of the family pressure to mate and procreate lands fully on Ramy's shoulders. But once Ramy hints that he'd like to date a Muslim girl, Reem knows she will be on the griddle next, and she's not happy... SERIES REGULAR. MUST BE PROFICIENT TO FLUENT EGYPTIAN ARABIC SPEAKER.


Female, mid-late 20s. A pretty Egyptian-American girl who is modestly dressed, she is a member of the Muslim community in New Jersey. During a semi-arranged date with Ramy, Nour is still and withdrawn -- but only while her chaperone is watching her like a hawk; once he leaves to escort some Jersey girls to a nightclub, Nour loosens up considerably... GUEST STAR, POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE. ABILITY TO SPEAK ARABIC A PLUS. NY LOCAL HIRE.


Male, 50s-70s. An old hajj with a booming voice, wearing a crumpled white polo shit, with a long beard that runs down past his neck, he is appalled when Ramy does a poor job of washing his feet, and insists on giving him lessons. Later, while having a coffee and donut, he listens with impassive (but judgmental) empathy as Ramy talks at length about his life...GUEST STAR. POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE. MUST BE FLUENT ARABIC SPEAKER.


Male, late 20s-late 30s. An Egyptian-American man with slicked-back hair, he is Nour's cousin and chaperone on her date with Ramy; he speaks fluent English, but with a thick Arab accent. He agrees to escort three Jersey girls they run into on the date to a hot nightclub where he knows the doorman...GUEST STAR. ABILITY TO SPEAK ARABIC A PLUS. NY LOCAL HIRE.

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