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CSA Open Call for MENASA Actors - Arab Actors

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, members of the Casting Society of America around the world will be opening their offices to union and nonunion MENASA (Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian) actors. According to Russell Boast, President of Casting Society of America, "These open calls are both an opportunity for diverse artists to audition for our members and an important educational experience for our casting directors. We are working hard to give all CSA members the tools they need to have informed discussions with their creative teams. I firmly believe that if informed, casting directors are in a unique position to affect real change in this arena."

The CSA welcomes artists who are professionally trained as well as those actively pursuing professional careers as performers. They will be given an opportunity to do a one- to two-page prepared scene in front of a panel of two to three CSA Casting Directors & Casting Associates.

An extension of the CSA’s ongoing “Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity in Casting,” this event follows the organization’s highly successful open call for Transgender actors in 2017 and Performers with Disabilities open call in January of this year. The initiatives are designed to affect concrete change in how actors in historically underrepresented and previously misrepresented communities are afforded access to job opportunities. CSA’s Inclusion & Diversity committee was recently honored with the 2018 SAG-AFTRA Disability Awareness Award at this year’s Media Access Awards. The award honors an organization that has made a significant contribution in raising the visibility and awareness of disability issues in the broadcast, sound recording, and entertainment industries.

CSA states: "The previous open calls held by CSA's Inclusion & Diversity Committee resulted in dozens of actors booking a wide range of jobs on shows like: 'NCIS: New Orleans' (CBS), 'The Politician' (Netflix), 'New Amsterdam' (NBC), 'The Detour' (TBS), 'Claws' (TNT), 'SWAT' (CBS), 'Pose' (FX), and 'Law & Order SVU' (NBC)."

Audition events located in various cities around the world. For more info, visit