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L.A. Feature film table read

Feature film reading with awards winning Director and producer Sunday May 5th 1) Emmanuella: Late 30’s, white, beautiful inside and out, single mom, originally from Brazil 2) Masa: Emmanuella’s daughter, precocious girl. 12-16 year old. Will also okay another role in the play as Tabitha the girl whom Jesus rose from the dead 3)Two other female actresses. Age not important.  One who will play various roles as a casting agent, a homeless woman and Rafca of Canaan in the Passion play as well as Marty. Emmanuella’s best friend 4) Asian actress (but can be white as well) who will also play another actor agent, a homeless woman and a woman in Jerusalem in the play Please email with specific role interest and any demo/headshot. No pay but a fun experience working all day with a group of professional actors Thank you Raouf Zaki