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Arab Casting Call

Overview: Ukht is a short film exploring four young Muslim women who are learning about themselves, as well as their relationship with their faith, as they go through different stages in life. This project will require little to no dialogue and will be set to music. Dates: 1st or 2nd week of June Location: San Francisco and/or Los Angeles Rate: $75/day, 1-2 days of shooting Nora: [Female, Arab/Ethnically Ambiguous, 18-25 y/o] must be comfortable being in a scene with implied intimacy. A young Muslim girl who is struggling to find her identity and how that impacts her faith, and in the experimental stage with guys. Apply here: Amina: [Female, African Descent/African American, 18-25 y/o] must be comfortable wearing hijab (Islamic headscarf) and taking off the hijab. A young Muslim girl struggling to understand her identity and faith. Apply here: Saman: [Female, Arab/South Asian/Ethnically Ambiguous, 25-35 y/o] Will play the role of a mother who is dealing with the loss of her 5 y/o daughter. Apply here: Saman's Daughter: [Female, Arab/South Asian/Ethnically Ambiguous, 5 y/o] Will play the daughter of Saman, a mother who is dealing with the loss of her 5 y/o daughter. Scenes will be short. Apply here: Extras: [Female, Any Ethnicity, All Ages] Quick portrait shot of a Muslim female. Apply here: Casting Contact: Rumala Sheikhani -

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