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Arab women casting

Synopsis: Ola, a Middle Eastern woman in her early 20s, has been sent to a mental institution a long way from home by her mother. She’s been sent to get help for the delusions she has been suffering from. Ola believes that she’s away because she is a disappointment to her family name. Little does she know, her mother suffers from the exact same delusions (Folie à deux: shared psychosis of delusional beliefs). She is providing Ola with the treatment she could never receive, while she struggles to maintain a certain demeanor to uphold her status in society. 

— NOTE: Arabic speakers preferred for the following characters: Ola, Sharifa, Ghanima.  —

Ola: Late teens - Early 20s. Middle Eastern. Arabic speaker preferred. Frustrated that she’s been shipped off. Unaware of her shared psychosis with her mother. Her main goal is to determine what her psychosis is in order to quickly remedy it and go back home to the Middle East. 

Sharifa: Age: 40+. Middle Eastern. Arabic speaker preferred. Extremely defensive over her daughter, however, she finds herself giving into society’s standards of upholding a certain lifestyle. 


Ghanima: Age: 40+. Middle Eastern. Arabic speaker preferred. Sharifa’s friend who she runs into at the grocery store. She is extremely sexist. 

—- Shooting date 2/23-2/24 3/2-3/3