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Casting Egyptian Talent

Untitled Egypt Virtual Reality Project I am casting that calls for Middle Eastern and Egyptian Talent. Information on the project: The shoot is December 14, 2018here in Los Angeles. The pay would be $1,000 for the day. I have the current script to this email. This is an extremely creative project that will be used as an educational tool in museums and schools to teach other about the tombs and history of Rameses and Nefertari. Experius, the VR production company behind the experience, is using 8i technology to capture people using volumetric video and create holograms for VR and AR experiences. They have filmed a range of people from Jon Hamm to Spiderman to Buzz Aldrin. The project is being Directed by Elliot Mizroch. Role Descriptions and story: Logline: King RAMESES and Queen NEFERTARI share an intimate exchange in their tomb for an educational and historic VR piece. __ [RAMESES]Arabic, Middle Eastern, Egyptian: Male: 42-50: Olive skin, slightly greying hair. Has a strong build with a slightly barreled chest. The dignified and powerful king of Egypt, Ramses has a regal bearing and a captivating baritone voice. __ [NEFERTARI]Arabic, Middle Eastern, Egyptian: Female: 30-40: Black hair, olive skin. A very attractive woman with a slim, curvy build.The queen of Egypt, Nefertari is an intelligent woman with the grace and bearing of royalty. 

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Los Angeles talents Only.

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