Purpose: We are one stop shop for all your artist-related needs: Actors, Cultural Advisors, Directors, Producers, Voice-Over Artists, Writers. We work one-on-one with Casting professionals and Filmmakers via referrals. Our purpose is to supply the film industry with top Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) talent, as well as South Asian (SA), or all together MENASA talent.




The Idea: It all started with an idea on the set of the Oscar-winning film Argo with Ben Affleck, where Hamzah Saman, as a  SAG-AFTRA actor was booked onset with thousands of Middle Eastern people. Saman said: “I found my home.” He made many friends and for the first time after years in the United States, he met many Arabs and Middle Easterners in one area, forming new friendships in Los Angeles.


After Argo wrapped, Saman felt homesick missing all those Arab and Middle Eastern people he met on set. Trying to reconnect on social media, just wasn’t the same.


Shortly after, Saman booked a role on Kadaffi Goes Hollywood (2011), with the Oscar-winning director, Ari Sandel. The production asked Saman if he knew any Arab Actors to play the guards. Saman said yes, and went forward for the first time casting many great actors for the roles.


Saman was very passionate about Arabic culture and the Arabic language and especially Arabian people. After wrapping Kadaffi Goes Hollywood, Saman went home and created a Facebook group, Arab American Casting (A.A.C.) and the rest is history.


Putting People to Work: Arab American Casting (A.A.C) quickly became widely accepted and loved on social media sites in 2012 with the support of Arab Americans, many in the Arab world, and numerous Americans in the film industry.


Overall A.A.C’s followers have grown to 70,000-100,000 and frequently receives 5-star reviews on yelp and google. Special thanks to Joey Naber.


Mission Statement

To unite all Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian Actors on one united platform that offers equal opportunities and services for Casting Directors and Casting Professionals, and Filmmakers.


Vision Statement

We’re changing our image as Arab/Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian (MENASA) Artists in the United States of America and the world.



How it Works


Arab American Casting (A.A.C.) works as a search Engine and offers free profile photos for every member as well as job opportunities. Just contact Hamzah Saman if you are interested in one of our talented artists.


What is next?


Introducing Arab American Content, a production, and management company, where we are connecting the Middle East with Hollywood. We manage exceptional Arab and Middle Eastern directors, writers, actors, and comedians, and work closely with them to achieve their goals. Alongside our distinguished clients and our products, such as feature films, television, commercials, or music videos, we continue to grow our outstanding reputation in the entertainment industry.